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Undertone: A Dialogue

Published by From The Asylum She: What would you say if I died? He: I’d say, ‘my, what a strange day for her to die.’ He blinked. She blinked. She: Why would you say that? He: Well, I always figured … Continue reading

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The Tasting Game

Published by and Ascent Aspirations The children were in the kitchen torturing Monkey, the cat. “Monkey!” shrieked Lisa. “Monkey!” Morris pushed Monkey halfway across the table, then Ryan pushed him back. If cats could weep, Monkey would’ve done so … Continue reading

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“Seven minutes in heaven? Hardly.”

Published by Defenestration “You have to do it Joanne. What are you a prude?” asked Corey H. Yes. “No.” So she stood defiantly, knees wobbling slightly, nine sets of eyes pasted to her. Grabbing Tim’s arm she yanked him up. … Continue reading

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Give Us Treats

Published by Yankee Pot Roast Apartment 2B, This is a note dictated and transcribed during a private meeting held by all of the children in the Dunhill Street Apartment Complex. This letter is written by a third-party adult who will … Continue reading

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