Sophia Bastian Leaves Fans Wanting in NYC- Publisjed by Melodysiac 1/23


On Friday, January 18, I took my mother to see Sophia Bastian at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City’s Lower East Side with specific intentions; I knew she would dig Bastian’s soul-style singing.

Rockwood is a good space for single singers and their guitar players as the intimate atmosphere (AKA tiny quarters) forces everyone to be quiet and listen. However, Bastian didn’t have any issues on that front, as the crowd seemed very familiar with her work and happy to keep their mouths shut. 

Tall, pretty and sweet, Bastian spoke briefly before launching into her classic soulful crooning. The singer’s voice flowed effortlessly, taking on high and low tones with the ease of a far older woman. She definitely struck some major Amy Winehouse tones – and I’m sure she has no problem with that vocal comparison. 
The crowd enjoyed songs like “Oh, Oh Seven,” and cheered for the singer during her pauses.  

My mother and I were both disappointed to not hear Bastian perform her version of the Portishead classic, “Glory Box,” since she’d just released a new video for the track. However, considering the 40ish-minute time constraint, as well as the limitations of singing without a full band, the singer delivered a decent showcase, and a wide range of pieces. 

Bastian surely has a good head on her shoulders and the confidence to continue onward and upward. The show did not knock my socks off, but that isn’t to say that it wasn’t any good. I think the issue stems more from the fact that none of the tracks we heard that night really stood out as memorable singles, and sort of fused into one another, leaving us yearning for something a bit more breakout. 

An afterthought: Bastian’s performance would have been stronger and more memorable with a band behind her. Come next tour, perhaps she’ll choose to enhance her gift with more musical support. That’s probably the only way we’d lock in plans to catch Bastian again.  

About gabriellesierra

Gabrielle Sierra is an editor and freelance music and arts writer living in Brooklyn, NY.
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